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We Love To Tell Stories

Top Major & Indie Artists

Working with major & independent labels, we have featured the biggest names in the music industry.

Hollywood Influencers

Blockbusters, legendary TV Series... We worked with the best performers in the acting industry.

Broadway Performers

We bring out the best live performers from Broadway to Los Angeles.

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“90% of all artists are totally UNDISCOVERED. Most of them fail to build a presence online”

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Featured artists

The hottest talents in the game from NBA Athlets to Hollywood & Broadway celebrities.


Unique Visitors / magazine

Our magazine delves into the most creative minds from the world of arts, entertainment and urban culture.


Different countries

Our publications have been read in 76 different countries and 500+ different cities.

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What does Mr Dreamz offer?

Interview / Storytelling

Every artist has a story to tell

Magazine & Video interviews, Exclusive Cover Stories... Like Iggy Azalea and many other artists, get read by millions of fans from all over the globe.

Video Marketing

Keys To Promoting your content

Video is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools nowadays. Like Stephen Voyce, let the cream rises to the top with Mr Dreamz magazine. You have the potential, we have the strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Build Your Online Reputation

As an indie artist, promoting your content on social media should be an essential feature of your marketing strategy. Boost your impact, Make a difference!

Presskit Design

Get noticed by professionals

If you’re a musician emailing promoters to book shows, or a performer wanting to get onto the books of an entertainment agent, here is our advice – If you want to get more gigs, get a dope EPK.

Get your story heard by millions of fans. Apply Now!
“It is crazy to look at a magazine and see your face on the front. People are going to take 10 to 15 minutes out of their lives to find out who you are on an intimate level. This was one of my greatest career achievements.” – Moka Blast 2015

Some Influencers we have worked with

“I started working with Mr Dreamz magazine in early 2015, but with everything they’ve helped me achieve in that short time, it honestly feels like it’s been years. Running marketing/promotional campaigns in my opinion is every artists’ nightmare, creating the art is one thing but getting it heard and seen is another story altogether.” – Stephen Voyce 2017

Their stories, their experiences…

You want to get your story heard by millions of fans? Apply Now!