Montreal Vibes with Stephen Voyce & Jess Abran - Mr Dreamz magazine
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Montreal Vibes with Stephen Voyce & Jess Abran Mr Dreamz magazine Winter 18 Edition

Stephen Voyce Jess Abran mr dreamz magazine

Montreal Vibes with Stephen Voyce & Jess Abran Mr Dreamz magazine Winter 18 Edition

Montréal, February 16, 1pm, Mr Dreamz magazine,  Stephen Voyce and Jess Abran


We have always had this chemistry that transcends from our friendship into our creative collaborations or really into anything we do. From the day we met, we just gelled, nothing is ever forced, it just is. And so, when it comes to our music, when we work together, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like the most natural thing. Speaking of Molly or honestly any song we work on together, we both take pride in writing our own lyrics, we feed off each other yes, but we bring our worlds together to create something new. However, this is a song that never would have been born without Malcolm Sargent, who created the guitar riffs that inspired our lyrics and melodies. He played and we responded, and Molly was born.

Working with J has allowed me to grow, not just as a musician, but asa person. It’s not every day that you meet someone, with whom, you can just be yourself, creatively and in life in general. Her unique and very signature musical talent and presence pushes me to reach beyond myself to become the artist that I truly am.


I was fortunate to perform in Toronto along side Mr. Bolly and Chhaya Dewan for Desifest, a festival that celebrates South Asian music. I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking “but Stephen, you’re not South Asian!”, and you’d be right. But nevertheless, they invited me to perform and unify our cultures, and that will always be the most important and symbolic part of that experience, more significant even than the size of the crowd. To be accepted by what unifies us, instead of being divided by what makes us different, that was a beautiful feeling. And the energy that crowd fed us, that is beyond words. Oh, did I mention that the crowd sang me Happy Birthday . Was is it the biggest highlight of my career, that’s hard to say, but it ranks up there.


JESS ABOUT MOLLY : “I woke up really hung over one morning, and not from alchohol, so my seritonin levels were really off that day. I’m on the couch with my head burried within the pillows and I hear this beautiful ballad. I mean like, Angelic. This swell of emotion totally takes over me and I couldnt help but cry. Haha! It was just so beautiful, I knew right there I HAD to use it for something.”


I met Stephen when I was coming back from the Hollywood Film Fest Awards, in which a movie I was in was nominated for an award. I was young, maybe about 20 or so. I had just gotten a job in the gaming industry – which I was very good at, but wanted to expand my talent in the entertainment industry as a whole. Stephen owned a Youtube gaming news company at the time called “The GamerNerdz” and he was hiring a video host! A mutual friend of ours put us in touch with eachother, and the rest is history.


I started in this industry very young. I was a circus monkey of sorts, GLUED to the stage. Very emotional, big pain in the ass to my parents, but passionate as hell. I’ve always known since I was about 10 that this music thing was something I was going to do forever. My graduating year of highschool I quickly got picked up by producer to the stars Paul Northfield, who took me under his wing. This guy was a legend to me, working along side Black Sabbath, Courtney Love, RUSH, Dream Theater, the list goes on. He was from an era of respected rock giants and he was now coaching me. It was huge. He introduced me to this crazy industry, and set me off on the right foot. To this day I’m convinced I was born in the wrong era.

Stephen Voyce Jess Abran mr dreamz magazine 2018

“I’m a wild child at heart and a Montreal Pirate, for now.”


If I wasn’t such a sucker for punishment, that is this unforgiving industry i’d 100% be traveling the world. I grew up in a small town with a population of about 500 people, farmers to be exact. I grew up in a low income family, with harsh conditions. I was a tough kid who knew how to get her hands dirty. Moving to the city, I feel has weakened me in a way. I don’t see the stars here, and it bothers me. So even if I wasn’t playing on a massive stage for hundreds of eople i’d still be playing, around the world and emmercing myself in different cultures, learning, teaching, and loving through the arts. I’m a wild child at heart and a Montreal Pirate, for now.

Get connected with Stephen Voyce and Jess Abran! Instagram @jessabram x @voycemusic

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