Adrian Austin Is Out Of The Box - Mr Dreamz magazine
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Adrian Austin Is Out Of The Box Mr Dreamz magazine story

Adrian Austin Mr Dreamz magazine

Adrian Austin Is Out Of The Box Mr Dreamz magazine story

Montréal, February 16, 1pm, Mr Dreamz magazine x Adrian Austin


I was like five years old and I use to always watch my Grandmother Hattie Mae Austin, design and sew clothes, and she was also into arts and crafts. I used to always go with her when she was teaching a painting/croshay class. She used to make our Halloween costumes and Church clothes. My Grandma was so gifted. My Mother was into dancing. She was a majorette in school and she won best dance in the senior superlatives. I have been hip-hop dancing since I was seven and I was also a Drum Major in high school for a short spell. My hip-hop dance talent comes from my mom.


After my Mother died from cancer I knew I had to work extra hard with my aspirations. Then my oldest sister passed a few years ago from cancer too. My drive, my ambition got me hungry! Playtime is over, no more games. The streets also made me who I am and led me to this position. My hood stay at me, they call me the Walker Homes Hood Star. There’s nothing that’s going to take away from my legacy. I’m dying this way. With the Walker Homes King crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is. I am who I am.


For a year I was pretty much inspired by upcoming artists Punk Rock Star shoots. I’m always on the internet looking at other dope, talented artists. I’ve seen so many artist Rock Star concepts and they were dope. And I always desired to be a Rock Star and dress like one. Marcus always wanted to do a shoot with me. Then, I was like he would be perfect for this Rock Star Campaign. And of course, there is other artist that inspired me for this Rock Star Campaign. When I look at these artists I see nothing but a Rock Star image. Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Lil’Wayne, Chris Brown, Travis Barker. When it comes to Rock Star status they have that.

“Nothing will compare to spiritually-working with God to push us forward and open even bigger doors”


Yes, I would love to do a Cyber Punk Campaign. I always wanted to look animated. Because I’m such an Entertainer, it’s very inspiring because looking like a cartoon character would be so dope and cool. If people look back at my artwork, I always did animated type of pictures that’s a part of my legacy. I will be doing a Cyber Punk Campaign in the future.


Marcus Forster is my god brother. He is like my little artist, my fashion muse. I met him like eight years ago. He always looked up to me, and been inspired by my work, he always shows me love and I love how he give me props. He constantly says I’m a Fashion Icon, a Legend. Even though, I don’t suppose I have achieved that status yet. I have not completed my legacy. I thank people like him for always acknowledging and admitting that they base some of their style off of mine. My love for model movement has always been genuine. Deep down helping others reach success and make money is what matters most to me.


I felt like a failure when I just turned down an open call audition for America’s Got Talent season 13 show. I was one of the contestants to audition in Nashville, TN January 13, 2018. I feel like a failure, it hurts to bring tears to my eyes when I speak about it. This was my time for my NBC primetime debut to show the world my visuals, my hip-hop dance talent. This show would have been a serious platform to promote my fashion. Because I’ve always been a trendsetter and I do hold a groundbreaking way. I gave up on dancing. I wish I never gave up. But this here is about to positively change my vision on life. This is about to make me get back into dancing because I use to be a problem in the dance studio. I desire to go back into beast mode. I want to view that savage I once were. I know I still got it, dancing is my passion, I still see it in me, when I hear music and a beat drop, I feel it in my heart. I just want to be back at my best, I’m going hard like it’s my last bullet and I only got one shot.


Right at present I only want to focus on hip-hop dancing. It’s been nearly seven years since I performed and been in the dance studio. I’m about to channel myself, reinvent myself as an artist so I need to hit the gym, practice and study new dance moves. I require to be physically fit a beast because I’m such an Entertainer. There are so many dancers that I always looked up to, and love and admired Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Ciara, Usher, Omarion, Missy Elliott. When I get back into dance character I need to feel like I’m one of them because those are my dance inspirations. At the end of the day, I got to give my fans certain fashion styles that they like. I’m never going to stop being creative my fashion store, fashion defile will come once it’s my time.

Get connected with Adrian! Instagram @adriandouglasaustin

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