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That’s a fact

Every woman is a unicorn

Her name is Lindsey


Unicorns are unique, fun and inspiring; no two are the same. And we believe that everyone is a unicorn because each person is one of a kind. Everyone has something different to offer. And in our eyes, that makes everyone a unicorn. #SmartStyling is the styling side of the #SmartBlondes brand. We were approached a little over a year ago to style a local influencer in the valley and it was something that we had never tried before. We had only ever styled ourselves but loved being creative and thinking outside the box. So we pulled 3 looks for them and the photos turned out amazing. The person that we styled felt amazing in all 3 looks and loved the final edits. After that, we caught the styling bug and decided to make a career out of it.”



“We started #SmartBlondes a little over two years ago in our first tiny apartment together. We had always loved unicorns and around that time the unicorn emoji was added to an update for the iPhone. We were seriously obsessed from then on!! And it wasn’t too long after that we discovered unicorns are kind of like our calling card because they’re very unique.”- Lindsey


“We just wrapped a runway competition powered by Phoenix Fashion Week to win the title of Stylist of the Year on March 24th. We were nominated as one of the top six stylists in the state to participate. So, the competition is based on showcasing a Spring trend for 2018 and we styled twelve models in shades of sorbet.”

Her name is Leslie


“Being a unicorn is an evolutionary process at least for me. Everyone has a different definition of self expression and the way in which they view themselves and their surroundings. Becoming a unicorn is not within one sex, it’s about coming into the power of your own being and knowing you are completely comfortable in your own skin. I would say going into business with my sister really cemented the confidence and belief that I can do anything I set my mind to. I already had drive, channeling it into a visual company just pushed me further. “


“Every woman is a unicorn is the motto that we live by with our brand. It means that no matter where you are or what you’re doing in your life, own it, stay confident and shake things up with your wardrobe! The term every woman is a unicorn also reflects our #SmartStyling business because as wardrobe stylists, we want to bring the #SB experience to every client. Our goal with every package offered is to help our clients take a risk with their fashion and to help them feel confident no matter what they decide to wear.” – Leslie

The Italian Fashionista

Maria Campadel

“I usually like to buy vintage clothes in vintage boutique when I travel… unique pieces that nobody can have.”

Kanadian Krush


“Never allow relationships to stop you from pursuing your dreams, and never let relationships (friends, boyfriends, even family) limit or define the kind of modelling you do.”

Also in this issue

Kimberly Gomez, Dr. Humberto Palladino & Coco

“I hate how models are stereotypically supposed to be a certain size and a certain height.” – Coco